Why I Hate This Time of Year

“You’ve got to find what you love.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” –Steve Jobs

Despite going through very similar emotions at this time last year before going to France, life feels quite weird right now.  My mind is still in that school year timeframe where summer happens from June 8th-August 20th despite starting my second year out of school.  I suppose that, as a teacher, I will never truly escape this schoolchild mentality of a late-August transitional period, but at this point it is messing with my life: I have another 6 weeks before things change for me!  I also keep mistakenly asking people who have recently graduated when they’re going back to school.  I guess this is proof that I haven’t accepted the fact that I graduated a while ago… or the fact that I’m not currently teaching.

Part of me is very jealous of those friends who are currently setting up their own classrooms, attending institute days, and getting ready to welcome their kids in the coming weeks.  I know that I’m an elementary teacher at heart: I have stashes of books, art supplies, and notebooks; I can listen to kids ramble about nothing for ten minutes; I have file folders on my computer and a pinterest account dedicated to education stuff; and I truly love being in a classroom and working with the kids.  It saddens me to realize that there is a possibility I will never have this kind of classroom, and that, as excited as I am to work and teach in other parts of the world and with different peoples and educational systems, it might be difficult to teach in a (by our standards) normal American classroom when I do eventually settle down.  That being said, I am pumped to begin my next teaching experience (and my Peace Corps experience) in Mozambique!

I’ve finished all my doctors appointments, immunizations, and blood tests, and was finally cleared for Peace Corps service last week.  Now it’s all packing and mentally preparing myself.  When I packed for France, I brought a lot of clothes and shoes.  It sounds like this time around I should be packing more packable foods (cheese powder and spices) and camping stuff.  It will be a completely different experience.  I’ve been studying up on my Portuguese with the help of Hillary and Casio, my co-worker and her Brazilian husband.  I’ve also been looking into movement-based education and kinesthetic learning; so if anyone has any ideas or resources, send them my way!  Other than that, I’m just trying to see people before I leave.

A few weeks ago I went to visit Jaclyn, another assistant from France and someone who I am also jealous of for having a classroom!  We explored Saint Louis, went to the zoo, saw a showing of the Princess Bride, and went to see a free outdoor production of Les Mis!  We also watched the movie Meet Me in St Louis, which is apparently an essential thing to do if you are in St Louis.  Here is a picture of us petting stingrays:


The next week, Victor and I did a sprint triathlon.  It was a 300 yd. swim, a 10-mile bike ride, and a 5K run.  I finished in just under 1hr 20 min.  I think I’d like to try it again next time I’m in the country for it!


Last week was Christine’s wedding, my first friend from high school to get married.  It was a lot of fun, but definitely a strange feeling.  We’re growing up!  I also got a chance to see some of my cousins again before we all leave.  I’m going to miss everyone!


Last week I also FINALLY got the chance to skype with Kate and Alex, though unfortunately Doug couldn’t join us.  It was kind of difficult to hear and strange not being in the same room, but good to talk again.  Apparently I have a thicker American accent! And we’re still learning new words (Jab=Shot=Injection, Whatever you want to call it).  Miss you guys!!! xxx  🙂  Remembering all the good times I had last year and how awesome my life was makes me a lot less nervous about the next two years.  And if these years pass as quickly as that last year did, I’ll be home in no time, hopefully with some wonderful memories, amazing friends, and great experience.  Six more weeks, guys, and I’m off!

French word of the day: Août –August.  It’s fun to say

Portuguese word of the day: Verão –summer.  Even though it’s winter right now in Mozambique.


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