Quick Update and Student Blog Posts Part 1

“The best thing you could give someone is a chance.”

It’s been a busy month for us so far. We’ve finally got electricity back! Still no water… The first weekend I went to Monapo to visit Henco. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon on Mozambique Island (Ilha de Moçambique). The following weekend was Dia dos Professores, or Teacher’s day. We didn’t celebrate on Sunday, but on Monday we watched our students sing, lip sync, and act in skits. It was a fun night and our students were very excited to perform. We finally have our EGRA books, so our library program has really kicked off! Last week was also elections here in Mozambique. They have not announced the official winner yet, but it is most likely the leader of the party that has led for the past 40 years.

The side of the fort on Ilha

The side of the fort on Ilha

Me and Henco

Me and Henco

Look at our new fancy stuff for EGRA!

Look at our new fancy stuff for EGRA!

Aside from politics and holidays, the school year is coming to an end here. This week is the last week of school at the secondary school before final exams. Two weeks ago were final exams for the IFP. They still have “test preparation” classes, but the grading aspect is finished. As one of my final projects in my class, I gave my students the opportunity to write a post for my blog. According to the assignment, they were supposed to write a short intro about themselves and discuss a problem with possible solutions. I corrected only slight mistakes to make it easier to understand, but I kept errors because I don’t want to take away the voice of the individual students. I will be posting one or two every few days, so here goes!

My first student cheated and copied his problem paragraph, so I will not include that, but here is his introduction:

Hello, how are you? I’m Daniel .E.C., I am Mozambican, and I’m actually living in Cuamba but I’m from Gurue. I am 19 years old. I was born in 1995.

My mother’s name is D.V. She was a farmer. And my father his name is E.C. he was a mechanic. So they already passed away and I hope god blesses them.

I have got two brothers and one sister. The old one called H., he is 28 years old. And the second named J., he is 25 years old. And the third is a girl named A. She is 20. Soo I am the 4th in my parent’s son.

I started to go to school when I was 7 years old. With 8 I was in second grade. When I was in 9th grade my brother and I moved from where we were living to his post job. There I was doing my 10th grade. It was in Gurue. But in 2013 I moved to here Cuamba to study since it is the place where my brother lives. I did my 11th grade. So in this year I was doing 12th grade so I didn’t finish my lessons because I heard about people who want to be a teacher they can concur making some exams that we were given. The condition was to pass and go to study and know how to teach students. I succeeded in passing that exam. Then there was the new plan to follow in my life. Now I’m here studying to be a teacher since we are finishing the year. I hope I have good luck to pass my second exams. This is my dream teaching English among people who want to learn English as a new language. It is not all; there are many things that I don’t remember. Since I fought a lot to learn English I hope I have your help.

Thank you very much, much.

Daniel's Mural

Daniel’s Mural

My second student is one of my JUNTOS counterparts.  He is very active and even has his own blog: jolnovidosenglishblog.wordpress.com. Check it out!

My name is Jolnovidos P., I was born in Mecanhelas on July 22, 1992. When I was a little boy, my childhood was a bit difficult in the time of teenager. I liked to play as childish also, I was afraid to play with people who did not know me and were not my friends. My speech was not clear and loud. It happens before I enter in any group.

In 2007, July I had applied to be an activist, a program of business where I had to talk about HIV/AIDS, Gender, sexual reproduction, etc. I did the application which I had turned purified to become an activist. After refinement on 10 July I was trained during ten days.

During training I started to get used to people that I had never known. We were always sharing ideas and learning from one another. During training I learnt to get up in public, how can someone get diseases and prevention, working in a group, and I learned a lot.

In 2009 I heard that there was a group of Santegidio also no one was being paid and it was a volunteer work.

In this group the activities is to visit prisoners giving advice, to teach children about peace, look after old people, and right now I like to play with children.

In this group the problem was that the people would miss meetings because even now people are not paid.

In Mozambique I discovered some problems, one of these problems is about leaders.

In Mozambique when people become leaders they don’t respect ideas from citizens, youth, and small leaders because they say that people they didn’t study, and they despise population. I am saying that they despise population because these leaders don’t give the population a chance to suggest. Another problem is about stereotype bad behavior of youth and adults through women.

According our debate with trainer Fei on 15, August 2014, I discovered that men don’t respect women because she said that when she was in Mandimba waiting on a bus in the bus station came a man speaking to her to kiss the man and asking for marriage. It can happen a man asking for girl about marriage, but not the way that the man behaved.

If someone love other people he can try to ask for a good way. Also, my classmates presented the same problem that had happened, but she said are not all men that do the same that happened with the trainer.

Another problem is that women are working more than men in terms of home activities. In Mozambique women are always looking for a man, in this statement means that at home women work harder than men.

To end those problems we have to promote many discussions in our communities to figure out what are the good ways for gender equality.

Jolnovidos's personal flag

Jolnovidos’s personal flag

More to come!

Portuguese word of the day: Eleçōes (elections)

Macua word of the day: mwetto (leg), which goes with wetta (to walk)

French word of the day: Qu’est-ce que (what).  My students are learning questions.


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