Student Posts IV: Corruption in Mozambique

My name is Cristina .M. and I am from Mozambique, Niassa province, Cuamba district. I am a trainee of Belmiro Obadias Muianga teachers training centre.

Corruption is a big problem in Mozambique. Why is it a problem?

It is a problem in all ministries of education, health, in all, for example, if a person is offended, the offender pays money to a daily police station official. When he goes to solve that problem, he says the offender will be imprisoned as he payed money he is to be free only he stays in the jail for two days and goes home he is loosened. In the schools, teachers need money for student to pass the class. If it is a girl some teacher they want to make sexual relation with her. If a student is intelligent they don’t like him otherwise he will pass the class freely. I think the possible solution if it happens and ease could be announced and the person who does it must be put away of the service.


My name is Osvaldo .A. I am 7372 days old, and I am from Mecanhelas. I like listening to the news report.

One of the problems in Mozambique is corruption. The doctors in the hospitals are selling tablets. When a sick person goes to the hospital, the doctors say “come next week, because this week we want to treat those who have a stomach ache, and not those who have a headache.” After that, a sick person pays 1000 Meticais (about $33) to be treated. Many people die because they do not have money to pay a doctor.

To pass a class, the teachers want money; The teachers want a student to sleep with them. When the student does not have money, the teachers say he is sleeping. Many students have concluded grade 12, but they don’t find employment because they don’t have money to pay teachers. Many people are buying certificates. As a result, many teachers are weak, thieves, and drunks. When the students pay money, they get good marks, and many intelligent students without money are always crying by the end of the class, and it causes poverty in the country.

To eliminate this problem, the doctor should receive money from the government after he treats a sick person. In this case the doctor will be happy when a sick person comes to receive money from the government.

The tests should be corrected in Maputo where are some wises like a president, so that they can control it. In this case, the mark could not take a part of relationship, but only knowledge.


I am Lucio A., a trainee at teachers training center in Cuamba district in Niassa province. I was born in 1988 in Nampula province. I am the third son of my family, I am a boy who likes so amuse with friends specifically my colleagues of my course and the rest of my college.

I am going to post here a certain problem of my country, in that I am going to present how it comes for, why it occurs, the possible solution, and the possible points where it affects.


In my country, wonderful Mozambique in these days we have been mecalued with a certain problem that comes from our leaders to us, the young men as the work finder. Why am I saying it comes from our leaders? Many gatherings people discuss about it and seems to be tough to be solved. When someone studies and gets a degree to find employment with our government, it’s really hard to employ before she/he sends money to pay those who are managing the working for this you employed.

One of the best ways to try to reduce the corruption is from top. It should be divided the rights in our country we find that the president of the country is also the president of party in power. In that when people look for employment it’s hard because they know our leader leads in two or three places then they do not easily leave employment for us, they ask for money.

When it comes I think the government as refuses he should establish rules saying each one who makes corruption should be arrested. I do remember before last year there was a law, each one who should become rich illegally must be sucked out and lose his/her employment. And the government should let people who apply the criteria of employing people who are not competent because when people are pleased where they are not competent they are doing things with pressure to sell employment. And the people should not accept to pay for their employment by paying money.



One thought on “Student Posts IV: Corruption in Mozambique

  1. This is so sad to read these stories from these children. I pray that it will get better for all of the people there..

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