Student Blog Posts VI: English Teachers, The Environment, and Teenage Pregnancy (unrelated to each other)

My name is Martinho .M.C. I am a man of 25 years old, Mozambican now living in Cuamba and doing teachers course. I like watching TV, reading books, listening to English programs, playing soccer sometimes, and my favorite dish is rice with chicken. Here in Mozambique we start to learn English in standard six, what is very difficult for us. Some schools in my country are facing problems of English teachers. One school is having one teacher for more than seven classes. It happens like that because our country has been colonized by Portugal and we learn English as a special language. English in Mozambique is very important to be learnt because it facilitates the communication with other countries around and abroad. But English to be learnt well in our country we need to start in standard one. I think it could be a nice thing to new generation and it is one way to develop the English learning system. Our country needs to learn more English. In this point we need well-qualified English teachers.

My name is Adamo R.J., the name Adamo but I am known as Day. I am africain nationality of Mozambican, Niassa province, district of Cuamba. The name of day atrvez of this arises child my parents chava me from daymilson and to emcurtar the name came to me day and pasted right too me because I sing. (I think he means, “The name “Day” arises from my childhood when my parents called me daymilson, nicknamed Day, which stuck to me because I sing). All my grandparents are alive and living here in Cuamba on the farm. My grandfather’s a tailor and my grandmother is a peasant.

I was born in 1990 in this district in the neighborhood of adine3. In this mean I have 24 years old. I live with my parents and three brothers with a baby sister, all of whom are studying. My sister is studying in secondary school of Cuamba in 11th class in the Medicine course, and my brother doesn’t live with us, lives in another district called Mandimba studying. He also is in the 11th grade in the course of economy, the third studies at Maguiguane.

My father works in the hospital as the laboratory technician. He calls himself R.J.S. and is a very good person. My mother is a peasant girl named M.E.L. and is a very caring usually, a few moments she is bad depending on the situation.

I’m a father of a beautiful daughter named Kelly. She is this year, she was born on January 6 and is 9 months. I have a girlfriend who is mother of my daughter, she is also very beautiful, nice, honest, respectful, that I love very much.

I am very fun. I am a young man of great peace in my heart, I don’t like talking too much less smile ideas from a friend, I am a young man who grew up making trips to my province alone. I’ve lived a long time out of my relatives, most of my childhood I made with my friends, I love to sing and play, until it was my dream to represent my district more by lack of support did not raise the dream. I’m a person who doesn’t like to be forced to do something I don’t want to.

Before I cast on this course I was a producer of music. I had my mini-studio that called sp Studio, I was charging 500 meticais (about $18) to artist who came into my studio to record a song, which I used to buy clothes for my daughter and some candy for her. Not all days reaching artists to write and spent barely these days because in sometimes there was nothing to eat at home, trust me.

But despite all this I never stopped being happy because happiness gives me energy and willingness to face obstacles and the sadness in some times I was showing. And I’ve never been sad when somebody told me, “no Valery get don’t like” I ask favors someone but two times and I like support, little have I share with friends. And I’m happy for my future family that I will have: despite being father too early I’m proud.

In Mozambique there are several problems for detect and resolve, problems of health, environment, political, economical, and others. One of several problems that exist I’ll talk about the problem of environment in Mozambique, nowadays the trees are already losing importance, the population as well as the government no longer bone goes to varus the environment. They say that because of the slaughter of trees that grow, they cut the trees to sell and sometimes wood, constructions and sell to foreign countries like China and others.

If we cut and replace the trees, it would be really good. I think this government is only interested in profits, not losses to the environment, like how the air we breathe comes from trees. Speaking of the uncontrolled burning are you too the population uses the slash-and-burn cassar animals and to scare away the animals on farms.

To end with this gloom, the government should encourage the lectures talking about consequences that the slaughter of trees has and the uncontrolled fires, talking about the importance that trees have, how they act in the life of man, and the reforestation should be seen as something serious. This is what I had to analyze and suggest. There are many problems to solve in Mozambique.

My name is Assane .M.M., son of M. M. I am in training at Belmiro Obadias Muianga in Cuamba district, Niassa province. I was born on the 14th of September in 1990 in Cuamba, Niassa, and now I am training in an English course in Cuamba, the district that I was born in and that my parents both live in. I have a brother and a sister; I am second born in the family.

I am going to tell you the issue of premature pregnancy in my country. I am going to focus on why it happens in my country and relate it a little bit with education, the possible ways to reduce and how government is involved with previous pregnancy in my country and some reasons for previous pregnancy.

In my country, most of the girls marry underage and eventually they get pregnancy very soon at the age of 14-18 before they finish their level, it happens because the girls marry because in their minds they think that marrying is the best way to alleviate poverty, when they live in poor family they look for a boy that they think this one can solve my problem because they see the boy changing clothes, each day they don’t ask about themselves where is this boy working and how does he get such good things. They go out with the boy and after he puts them in pregnancy, they decide to ask who is exactly this boy then they find he is a thief, then it’s too late to separate the love. Even the parents can’t do anything else. Our country, our government doesn’t offer high quality of education, in that it doesn’t motivate the young girls to go to school.

Talking about poverty in my country, that contributes to premature pregnancy. You find women with 12 children. It doesn’t allow the parents to take care of all the children. Consequently it’s women who need to have a better life, take other girls and her parents don’t have money, the only way to get money is to go behind boys to have sex and be paid to get clothes, goods, and other necessary things, and the boys of my country we are very sensitive knowing the girls look for us to get our money, we revenge then we ask for sex to repay or replace our money.

The best thing that the government could do to avoid it to happen he could ban night shift schools because many young ladies enroll at night shift schools where they can’t be controlled by their parents, and the government should bring and implement some rules that each and every girl or boy who pregnancyed before have at least 22 years old must be arrested and kept in jail. It should make us afraid or there are some places where people want to have sex, they go and meet many ladies with different prices these places are called at traffic light because when you get there you see a girl or girls coming to you to ask for money to exchange with sex to the best of my knowledge. These places should be sent policemen to forbid, those are selling themselves, and those girls would obey their parents and have a nice time to go to school to study.


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